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Joana works as a dancer, aerialist and performer

She studied at the Fontys Dance Academy and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor in dance.

Since then she has been a freelance dancer working in smaller and larger productions, predominantly in opera productions. She started training in aerial techniques in 2013 and have been furthering her skills and performing in the air since then.


Nederlandse Reisopera (Dutch touring opera) Ariadne auf Naxos choreographed by Sjoerd Vreugdenhil - directed by Laurence Dale.

La traviata choreographed by Pim Veulings and directed by Floris Visser

Collaboration with artist Mette Sterre -Structurealist


Salzburger Festspiele (Vienna) Lydia Steier’s production of the Magic Flute (Die Zauberfloete – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) - flying

Opening Dutch Touring Opera’s new work space (Enschede) - silks solo
Circus festival (Breda) - aerial net solo

I consider myself an artist, performer, dancer, aerialist and I'm always looking into developing new skills. I try to train in various techniques, such as Classical, House, Flamenco, Breakdance, duo acrobatics, aerial silks, aerial lyra hoop, aerial net, pole dance and trapeze.

Aerial is the epitome of dancing in the air, and dancing, soaring and flying belong together as far as I see it. I wish for people who see me perform to forget about what weighs them down and remind them of our capacity to reach the highest heights.

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