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The Aerialettes was born after the meeting of dancers and aerial dance artists Suzanne de Bekker & Natasja Bode. We specialize in creating not circus not dance but aerial dance theater. Performances that are dramaturgically substantiated. A mix of aesthetic movement and dynamic technique.

They both studied at the Theaterschool of Amsterdam (University of the Arts) and graduated with a Bachelor of Dance in different years. After having their own professional international dance careers they separately but synchronically had a interest in learning silks. In silks classes they met again.They fell in love with dancing in the air and were fully passionate about it. Since Suzanne & Natasja had the same level and ideas about what we found interesting in the air, the idea started to create a performance together so they teamed up  and started a collaboration: and thats how The Aerialettes were born!


After working for more than a decade as professional dancers  they bundled all of their experiences together to create fresh, up to date, exciting and elegant aerial dance performances.

Because of their professional theaterdance background they approach aerial arts from another perspective. Dance is the hidden language of the soul, one of Martha Graham's famous quotes and we agree.

With movement comes energy.  We believe and hope that it will waken up the senses of the audience. Together we experience the energy that is vibrating through space. We can't catch or keep this moment but its in that moment we all connect and might feel shivers.  This often leaves an impression that will stick to your mind. 


Our passion&love  for aerial dancetheater is ongoing and our curisiouty and joy in exploring in what more is possible is something we need to share.


We only work with professionaly trained dancers who are also experienced as aerial artists. In our repertoire we have ready to perform acts or we create costumized aerialdance performances that fits the purpose / goal of the event.  If your looking for a original and creative way to give that extra sparkle on your event,  The Aerialettes are here for you to make the magic happen!

Natasja Bode & Suzanne de Bekker from the Netherlands both have over 10 years of professional dance experience in theater, opera’s, tv shows, contemporary dance companies, musicals and magic shows all around the world. Working for numerous well known companies like The National Opera & Ballet of the Netherlands, Conny Janssen Danst, World tour of Peter Pan: The Never ending Story by Luc Petit, Hans Klok, Magic's Show: Magus Utopia, MTV European Music Awards, International Dance Theater, Tabaluga, So you think you can dance semi-finalist NL & BE

NEWS: Suzanne & Natasja are so passionate about vertical dance that they wanted to expand and have a company just focussed on vertical dance were they create more theatrical and artistic performances in the urban and natural space. Check Ropes Aligned Vertical Dance Theater Amsterdam in instagram & facebook. 

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